Hey Hairstylists!

Are You Ready to UPLEVEL Your Life & Business Behind the Chair?

Finally! A Step-By-Step 6 Week LIVE Mentorship Program For Hairstylists Who Want To Discover Their Own Magic & Build the Career of Their Dreams!

Are you....

  • Frustrated That You Aren't Fully Booked

  • Constantly Overwhelmed Seeing Other Stylists Succeed Doing Much Less

  • Scared to Increase Your Prices

  • Worried That Your Clients Will Leave if You Do

  • Overwhelmed From Trying to Do It All

This 6-Week LIVE Mentorship Program is For Hairstylists Who Want To Build Their Dream Career By Attracting Raving Clients, New Opportunities & Financial Abundance.

Kristen Varoli

Kristen is a successful hairstylist and multi six figure salon owner turned beauty industry success coach. Her passion is helping stylists grow their confidence through personal development and build their empires behind the chair by strategically filling their books and growing their revenue so that they can create a life and business that they LOVE!

Hey Hey! I’m Kristen

(Your Beauty Business Coach)

Here is me in a nutshell…I’ve loved hair, makeup, fashion and all things girl for as long as I can remember.

I was always doing hair and makeup on all of my friends for school dances and Friday nights out.  I actually became pretty good at it although I never considered it to be a career option for me.

It wasn’t until I spent one semester at college feeling disconnected that I decided to pursue my true passion for beauty.  

And that was the moment when I dropped the pencils and books & picked up the scissors and blow dryer and never looked back.

I have served the salon industry both behind the chair as a hairstylist as well as a salon owner for over 18 years now.

This journey for over a decade has allowed me to not only serve thousands of guests and build amazing relationships, but I’ve been able to mentor, grow and coach hairstylists to massive success. 

I coach hairstylists in areas of self development and business building -  including clarity and mindset, habits, goal setting, consistency, professionalism and money management.

 I've helped stylists gain clarity on their goals, build their business behind the chair to the six figures and beyond, create more balance in their lives, and implement strategies to help them do more of what they love, while working less and increasing their revenue. 

I am now taking all of my experience, knowledge, systems and tools to help hair stylists create their own aligned brand and their most abundant and successful life behind the chair as a hairstylist.

Success Stories


“Working with Kristen changed the path of my salon. She helped me from motivating me when I needed it to money management and getting systems in place to make my salon successful. My business is thriving and I owe so much of my success to her guidance from early on in my business owner life! She set me up for success from the beginning”


“My absolute favorite part of working with Kristen was our one on one meetings. We would cover everything from the week before (highs and lows) and we would come up with a strategy to tackle the upcoming week. That technique is why I am successful today! Here I am 22 years old, and I was able to have the confidence to open my own salon using the foundations I learned from her. It would be impossible to count all the ways Kristen has helped me in my career!"


..you are able to cut down your days behind the chair and  increase your revenue.

..your schedule is fully booked and you're never worried about white space in your schedule.

..you were able to attract your IDEAL clients even after you have increased your prices. 


..you were able to become highly influential online, create a buzzing brand and become the GO-TO hair stylist in your network.

..you were able to sell your services with confidence and authenticity, without feeling pushy, slimy, or "salesy"

..you had the right guidance and mentorship for whenever you feel "stuck" in your business and you never had to feel overwhelmed or alone.

Want to make this your reality?

The In Demand Hairstylist Coaching Program is your BLUEPRINT to achieve all of this, and more. 

Welcome To 

In Demand Hairstylist

 Coaching Program

The In Demand Hairstylist is a 6-weeks online coaching program that takes you step by step through setting up the building blocks of your career as a hairstylist or salon owner. 

Whether you are a new stylist building your clientele or a burnt-out salon owner ready to call it quits...this mentorship program covers impactful areas of mindset, boundaries and goal setting that can ignite and inspire you to create a life and career that excites you.

My goal with this program is to help hairstylists become more confident, business savvy and strategic so that they can create a LIFE & CAREER THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

When you enroll, you will be welcomed into a supportive community of other amazing beauty professionals who are here to grow, learn, love and contribute. 

So you may join as a student today... But you will finish as FAMILY 

You'll get absolutely everything you need to grow your career as a hairstylist to 6 figures and beyond.

We'll get on 90 minute calls each week and by the end of 6 weeks you will have a full system set up to attract new clients, brand you business, set up a schedule that you love and have goals in place to build your best life behind the chair as a hairstylist and show up in the world more authentically. 

And if you ever ever ever feel stuck, I want you to know... I've got you!

Inside this program, you will get UNLIMITED daily support via our private community, weekly group coaching video calls with me and my awesome team to help you troubleshoot, gain momentum and make insane progress in your business.   

Trust me! I have made this program "FAIL-PROOF". Yeah, It's pretty hard to fail after you have made it till the 6th week. 

The InDemand Hairstylist Program is the perfect combination of Education, Accountability, Support & Action.. 

You won't get this anywhere else. 

Let's get ready to launch your DREAM CAREER as a hairstylist!

By The End of In Demand Hairstylist Program you will:

✅ Walk away with a deeper sense of clarity around your goals and the areas where you are being held back or have been playing small.

✅ Have all the tools you need to take control & create more balance in your business.

✅ Have fresh ideas for branding & marketing your business and the services you offer.

✅ Have a new found confidence and the mindset shifts needed in order to a more positive lifestyle and more momentum in your business.

✅ Walk away with a plan of action to have a powerful 2021 & beyond.  

I'm Sharing EVERYTHING I wish I knew over  decade ago when I started my career as a hairstylist and opened my salon!

Here’s What We Will Go Through 

During This 6-Week Program

Week 1: Identify Your Relationship With Money

We will identify and eliminate your "Money Blocks" that were holding you back. In your first week, you will see how and why you are stuck at your current income level and what's the importance of money in your life and business. This will allow you to gain a perspective that will bring in more financial abundance while doing what you do the best behind the chair. 

Week 2: Branding & Marketing For Your Personal / Salon Brand

In week 2, you will learn my foolproof  system for creating a powerful personal/salon brand from scratch. I will show you how to create a wonderful presence online so that your ideal clients feel comfortable approaching you. I will show you how you can position yourself as a Hair stylist and how you should craft your message that will cut through all the noise and turn you into an industry leader.

Week 3: Creating Your Balance & Setting up Boundaries

As stylists, you need to be focusing on managing your time and energy on things that bring in the most business. In week 3, you will learn how you can authentically show up as a stylist in your client's world while being confident about your time and your price. This week is all about regaining control of your days behind the chair so you can create a beautiful work/life balance.

Week 4: Time to work on your craft and learn how to build profitable systems

Now that you have identified your true identity as a stylist and have built the mental models of how you are going to show up, it's time to get started on actually getting things done. This week you will be working on crafting your content that will position you as an Expert. Not just that, this week you will have a blueprint in your mind on exactly how you are going to transform your career as a stylist.

Week 5: Programming Your Mind For Success

Even if you feel like your mindset is on point, you will be shocked at all your hidden mental programming models that keep you from doing the things that will make you a successful stylist. This isn't your fluffy mindset training. This is a real scientific methodology that will help you rewire your brain so you can start thinking like a 6 Figure Stylist Entrepreneur - and most importantly, ACT like one too.

Week 6: Achieve More Goals Than Ever! FASTER!

This week is all about setting SMART goals that are intentional and EXCITING for you and your styling business. Setting goals will help you hold yourself accountable, measure and evaluate your progress and make a bigger impact.


When You Join Today, You Will Unlock 



A guided (printable) journal that will help stylists discover what their ideal day would look and feel like and will walk you through creating an action plan to get there. 

The exercises in this journal will help stylists understand where they are distributing their power and energy and how they can regain control and set boundaries while creating a healthy work/life balance.

Designed For Hair Stylists Who Are...

·       Working on their day off to please clients

·       Saying yes to clients who want extra services even when they don’t have time

·       Offering discounts out of guilt

·       Overcommitting and not having enough time to relax and fill their cup

·       Letting clients continue to show up late and disrespect their time

·       Staying late to fit in clients

·       Are afraid to spend money for the help that they need

·       Trying to do everything on their own and constantly feel burnt out

This Journal will show you exactly what you need to change about your lifestyle to grow and succeed in your styling career. 

Value: $197

Today For FREE!


Ahh! The biggest challenge most stylists face is they haven't any clue in terms of what content needs to go on their social media platforms. 

Well, you don't have to worry now. 

The In Demand Hairstylist Program comes with a fully built out social media calendar designed keeping stylists in mind prepared by yours truly (your welcome). 

Even if you are a one woman band, this is going to save you a lot of time and energy.

With all the time you will save from this, you can now focus on what really matters - Being an amazing stylist behind the chair and giving your guests the best experience. 

Value: $297

Today For FREE!


Because you gotta keep your Instagram game strong baby!

You will get a list of all the top industry hashtags that will get you the most views and engagement on your posts and photos.  Pre made so that you don’t have to worry about coming up with your list of 30 hashtags on each post.

Wohoo! Isn’t that awesome? 

All you have to do is copy and paste these hashtags into your caption and BOOM.. you’re ready to get all the attention. 

Value: $27

Today For FREE!


You Need An Action Plan To Grow Your Styling Business. 

Instead of getting too involved in your day to day operations, you might want to take a step back and look at how you spend your days. 

Starting off right is so important when you're launching new offers. 

This Goal Setting Guide will walk you through a step by step process of breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable and attainable goals within a timeframe that suits you. 

All you need is a structure and a plan of action and that's exactly what this guide will give you.

Value: $97

Today For FREE!

Here’s Everything You Need To Grow Your 

Styling Business To 6 Figures & Beyond

✅ 6 x LIVE Intensive Coaching Calls with Kristen. (value 6 x $597 = $3582)

✅ Full access to Kristen’s Private Community of Hair Stylists & Mentors where you can get real time support and feedback. (Value Priceless)

✅ Replays of all Zoom Calls so you don’t miss out on any actionable insights. (value $297)

✅ BONUS #1: “Balance & Boundaries” Journal (value $197)

✅ BONUS #2: Fully Built Social Media Calendar For Stylists (value $297)

✅ BONUS #3: The Ultimate Hashtag Lists For Stylists (value $17)

✅ BONUS #4: Goal Conquering Action Plan For Stylists (value $97)

Total Value: $4487

$697 Today!

Pricing options

Choose the pay in full option ($697) and save! Or choose the payment plan option of 4 payments ($197)

Got Questions?? We’ve Got Answers…

Is This Coaching Program Only for Independent Hair Stylists?

This Program will suited for independent stylists, commission stylists or salon owners.  Anyone who is ready to UPLEVEL their business and their lives!

How Long is This Coaching Program?

This is a LIVE Program divided in six calls. We will get on a call every week for the next six weeks. 

How will this Program help Hairstylists / Salon Owners?

This program will help stylists and owners break through old patterns and mindsets, set new intentions and boundaries and come up with a game plan to create their dream career!

Will These Coaching Calls be Recorded?

Yes, These calls will be recorded and you will be getting access to all of them. However, I suggest you to not miss any of the LIVE calls to make the best out of this program.